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Alabaster in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Alabaster is a fine-crystalline, compact, white variety of gypsum used in sculpture, as well as for making dishes and decorative objects. In dreams, it foretells happiness and prosperity on all levels of life. Alabaster is also a symbol of flexibility, symmetry and regularity, but also the ephemeral and fragility of life.
    an alabaster object - is an announcement of a happy marriage and a sign of a joint striving to achieve lofty plans in a partnership
    destruction of an alabaster figurine - bodes sadness and despair because of ill-considered decisions, sometimes it also announces farewell to a loved one
    touching an alabaster - this is a sign that the matter you are trying to solve will change its course, thanks to which everything will end successfully for you
    for a young woman - a dream announces separation with a partner and is a warning against becoming infamous
    alabaster in a man's dream - this is a sign that the search for the ideal can end in a life of solitude for you
    making something out of alabaster - is usually a sign of a sense of community
    when you receive alabaster - a dream means that you are stuck, you cannot change anything and therefore keep up with the times
    giving it to someone - means that saying goodbye to the past will make more sense in your life and you will move forward with greater impetus than before
    alabaster skin - bodes for the dreamer a period of sadness or regret over lost opportunities and possibilities.

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