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Air conditioning in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Air conditioning in a dream is most often associated with such feelings as worrying about the future, quarrels, conflicts, life difficulties, and in a positive aspect it portends possible well-being. Sleep can also you have been hurt badly in the past.
    if you have air conditioning at home - often associated with cold family relationships, think about whether you have a difficult relationship with one of your family members
    air-conditioned room - it will be difficult for you to forgive someone who is constantly rude to you
    air-conditioned plane - heralds a number of life comforts that will greatly facilitate your daily existence
    if it does not work - you will be too concerned about a certain situation to completely relax and start to breathe freely
    when it acts too much - the behavior of some people very much it will freeze you
    air conditioner - in the near future you will have new perspectives that will bring you financial benefits, unfortunately you can feel very exhausted emotionally
    condensation from the air conditioner - a certain situation that looks very promising on the outside may not be so colorful from the inside
    air conditioning in hot climates - you have to give take some time to cool down after a heated argument
    air conditioning in the hotel - someone will not appreciate your valuable advice.

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