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Aggression in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Aggression means that you have a great resentment towards someone or that you feel that someone has acted dishonestly towards you. you are ashamed of your actions, so you should wake up and choose the path you want to follow in your life once and for all.
    aggression directed at your loved one - is a sign that you will gain from someone sincerely, the most important thing is that you should try, because someone will surely appreciate your efforts in the wrong way.
    if you are aggressive towards someone - suppressed needs that you are slumbering slowly they start to make themselves felt
    if you see an aggressive animal - the dream is a reflection of the ongoing conflict in your waking life
    aggressive person - you are afraid of something or you blame yourself for something unnecessarily
    attack of someone else's aggression - heralds misunderstandings between family members
    if you feel aggression - you unnecessarily hide your old grudge against someone, because over time your anger may grow to too large a size that you will not be able to deal with on your own
    aggressive woman in a dream - can cause many different problems in the immediate family
    if you try to control aggression - you will be tormented by various feelings, from hatred to love, inclusive
    aggressor - may be a harbinger of an improvement in relations with your opponent, you will succeed in a short time fix what you haven't been able to do in years.

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