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Advice in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The advice given in a dream symbolizes a hidden message or lesson that is passed on through our subconscious. A dream may mean that you already know what to do in your life, but you still feel the need to follow other people advice just because they are usually right. Remember that you have to trust your instincts.
    giving an advice - often involves taking a secondary role in a matter related to your family
    receiving an advice - a sign that you will finally take your position on a controversial issue
    taking advice from someone else - means you need to look inside yourself to find the best way out of an embarrassing situation that will happen in the near future
    not taking advantage of it - shows that you have to be very strong to start making more progress in life
    good advice - it is a sign that if you want to be appreciated by your own people, you will have to act quickly on some point
    bad advice - blind faith in people and seeing the world through rose-colored glasses will lead you to a dead end
    asking someone for advice - is a sign that you will face a difficult challenge
    when advice is given by a man - it means that you need to be patient before expressing your opinion on a certain person
    advice from a lawyer - urges the dreamer to beware of worthless friends

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