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Adoption in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Adoption is a symbol of human sensitivity and the process of acquiring new knowledge. Sleep represents new beginnings and a new way of thinking.
    adoption a child - it means a desire to learn something different, new, ask yourself what is missing in your life and what you could do to be a happier person
    if you are adopted by someone - you will miss or want a baby
    if you are a woman and you dream of adoption - soon you will need someone's emotional support
    if you are a man and you dream of adoption - a sign that you feel fear of emotional closeness
    adopting a boy - a sign that you will soon start living the life you've always dreamed of
    adoption of a girl - may be a sign of desire to have children
    if you find out years later that you are the adopted child - you have the impression that something is missing in your life
    if you are the adoptive parent - your life starts to look like a perfect puzzle that you are still building, but the lack of one element in it can drive you mad in life
    adopting a dog - a sign that you will make a very nice gesture towards someone
    if you do not have permission to adopt, but you want to adopt someone - you will lose contact with someone from your family.

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