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Addiction in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Addiction in dreams symbolizes obsessive needs and a lack of self-control, perhaps you have some habits that you are not able to give up. Sleep is also a symbol of the inner pleasures and desires that we experience in real life, and a sign of suppressed thoughts, and an expression of weakness and fear that the dreamer is trying to overcome.
    drug addiction - means that in real life you feel addicted to someone who doesn't pay enough attention to you
    being addicted to something - is a harbinger of an attempt to solve a certain complex situation in your life, but the way you approach it will have to change
    addiction to someone - a warning against betrayal of someone who is ready to use every mistake you make for their evil purposes
    when someone close to you is addicted to something - a dream is associated with disappointment, it may also indicate that due to unfavorable conditions you will eventually bloom
    stopping someone from becoming addicted - foreshadows a bright future
    alcohol addiction - in many dream books it means happiness and satisfaction with life
    sex addiction - shows that you are trying to improve your own love life and you need to return to your normal rhythm and achieve balance in your life
    fighting addiction - is a sign of a desperate desire to escape from reality and a desire to try something new, exciting or unknown
    recovery from addiction - in a dream, it refers to the ability to observe, use quick opportunities, imagination, form correct judgments, vigilance, resourcefulness and concentration
    addiction to cigarettes - means the desire to hide your own imperfections
    being addicted - a sign that someone will try to hurt you emotionally.

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