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Accident in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about an accident indicates a great deal of anxiety in life. It can be caused by anything from worrying about business matters to misunderstandings in social life Sleep is also a warning against recklessness.
    to see - be careful, because people around you may act recklessly
    have an accident - you suppress negative feelings or guilt for which you subconsciously want to punish yourself, alternatively, the dream may reflect some error or making the wrong choice
    if a loved one dies in an accident - a symbol of disturbed relationship with the person you are dreaming about; perhaps you should loosen your contacts a bit and give yourself some time to think and make important decisions in life
    to dream that someone dies in an accident - the beginning a new stage in life
    survive a serious accident - contact with her with whom they can harm you more than help
    recover from the accident - you will want to re-evaluate your life
    car accident - a dream indicates that you feel out of control over your own life, or it may indicate that you are afraid of hard work
    cause a car accident - you are wasting too much energy on trivial matters
    fall into the water with the car - you will have to wait for luck
    accident with a truck - your life will not change by itself, only from you it will depend on what actions you take
    school bus accident - you lack perseverance and a detailed action plan
    motorcycle accident - you start to sabotage unknowingly actions
    bicycle accident - the dream admonishes that sometimes we should be more patient in life
    railway accident - you do not like routine, you want freedom and adventure
    accident involving a tram - you want to improve the standard of your life.

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