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Academy in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Academy in a dream is a harbinger of making interesting friendships and a symbol of new ways and opportunities. It gives the dreamer a chance to take advantage of the opportunity he receives from life.
    academy as a celebration - gives the dreamer a clue not to believe those who overly praise him
    university - make new friends that will make many new opportunities in the future
    if you see the academy - heralds that you will make great intellectual progress in your life
    attending it - means a happy future
    police academy - indicates that discipline and organization are important in everyday life, otherwise all the rules established so far do not matter much
    if you pass to the academy in a dream - it means that you will have to change your course in life, the current course will not guarantee you because success and will not solve many of your problems
    visiting the academy - a sign that although initially
    bad academic performance at the academy - most often it is a signal that the current adversities will pass with time and only a memory will remain behind them.

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