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Abyss in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The abyss dream symbolizes an obstacle that will bother you very much, but you must face it in order to deal with it quickly. The abyss that appears in dreams also indicates a feeling of emptiness, which indicates that you probably can't come to terms with something.
    If you dream that you are falling into the abyss, such a dream means that you are afraid of what you may discover about yourself, about your innermost feelings and primal fears, perhaps it is the germ of depression.
    The dream of falling into a bottomless abyss symbolizes great worries. For people with financial obligations, such a dream most often indicates problems with their repayment.
    In dreams, standing on the edge of the abyss and feeling the fear of falling into it shows that you care for a loved one. It is possible that someone close to you is seriously ill or needs your help.
    Pushing someone into the abyss heralds a great misfortune in dreams.
    Saving someone from falling into the abyss in your dream may herald receiving good news.
    If in a dream you see other people jumping into the abyss, such a dream may indicate that you will experience inconvenience in your life because of someone else's fault. It is possible that a certain person tries to slander you, or hears other different types of lies about himself.
    Throwing a stone into the abyss means that you are not being honest with someone who has shown you gratitude and a kind heart in the past. Perhaps you are trying to use your position to achieve a goal.

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